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Liliana Urbain

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Liliana @ Events

Tuesday Eves
Original Pattern Brewing
Oakland, CA US
Wednesday Eves
armstrong brewing
Armstrong Brewing
4th Monday Eves
Freewheel Brewing Co.
Redwood City, CA US

Lil's amazing story

Loving What I Do In Life!

Whether it be crowd-surfing at shows, MC-ing weddings, or throwing interactive trivia parties, Liliana Urbain is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to perform.

Her main outlet is her classy, gritty rock group Thrown-Out Bones, where she proves once and for all that women not only tear it up on drums, but can simultaneously sing lead and carry an entire crowd along with them. Urbain spent 2014-2017 on a permanent tour that took her across the country seven times, to 45 states, and over 500 shows.

Her explosive and joyful playing style has landed her on stages ranging from Outside Lands to Rickshaw Stop and performing with artists such as John Craigie, Shook Twins, and Danielle Ate The Sandwich.

Her stage work does not end at musical performance. Urbain’s entry into the world of MC-ing was brought about by friends, fans, and clients asking her if she’d bring her extroverted and playful personality to help guide their events. Now, you think of a need for an MC and she’s done it: weddings, parties, trivia, live action Mario Party, concerts, private events, live streamed sushi cook-offs. If you’re looking for charisma, patience, and the ability to think fast, calmly, and humorously on her feet, Urbain has got you covered.